Introverts and creativity


I came across this TED talk by author Susan Cain. I find her messages about our current pre-occupation with working together in groups interesting.

In my experience, companies tend to believe that the most creative ideas will emerge from group activities such as ‘brainstorming’ and team meetings. As an introvert, I have always known that my best ideas come to me when I am quiet and alone. Conversations and meetings beforehand will definitely have been an influence, but the creative spark happens alone in my case.

How about you? And if you are a leader, how are you catering for the needs of the more introverted people in your company? Do they have opportunities to create too, or do their quieter voices get drowned out by the more extroverted types?


Feed your creativity


The last week or two have been really busy, with lots of meetings and presentations. Now I need a couple of days to breathe. It is unsurprising that on personality profiles, I show up somewhere midway between introversion and extraversion (also spelt ‘extroversion’). I need the external stimulus of other people and events, but equally I like the time to process and absorb what I’ve experienced to make sense of it. (According to wikipedia, this makes me an ‘ambivert’ ) Continue reading