Introverts and creativity


I came across this TED talk by author Susan Cain. I find her messages about our current pre-occupation with working together in groups interesting.

In my experience, companies tend to believe that the most creative ideas will emerge from group activities such as ‘brainstorming’ and team meetings. As an introvert, I have always known that my best ideas come to me when I am quiet and alone. Conversations and meetings beforehand will definitely have been an influence, but the creative spark happens alone in my case.

How about you? And if you are a leader, how are you catering for the needs of the more introverted people in your company? Do they have opportunities to create too, or do their quieter voices get drowned out by the more extroverted types?


6 thoughts on “Introverts and creativity

  1. Hi Sue,

    Absolutely….I am convinced that my creativity is derived from my time alone (some might say ‘alone with my craziness’). What happens then is a period of conversation with trusted others when I make sense – start to see the value of my thinking – find a place for it to come alive.

    Yes – quiet moments of creativity – that’s where I’m at…!

  2. Sue Brown

    Thanks both for your comments. Steve – I think “trusted others” are really important in the process.

    thelondonflowerlover – I really like your phrase “the power of getting quiet” 🙂 (Also, as a flower lover, you might like today’s post over on my other blog …)

  3. I’m a ‘sociable introvert’ (and my closest, oldest friend is a ‘shy extrovert’!) but I have been in positions of leadership in voluntary organisations. I always bent over backwards to draw out any ‘ideas’ that other members of the group might wish to express, but was invariably disappointed that they had nominated me as the ‘Ideas Person’ and were quite happy for it to remain that way – which rather puzzles me!

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