Looking back, looking forward


I love New Year’s Day. It is, for me, a chance to do very little: to think and reflect, maybe read a little, catch a film I’ve never seen on TV, hoover up Christmas goodies (literally and metaphorically) and drink many cups of tea. This artificial boundary between one year and the next makes me pause, mid-step, to gather thoughts and breath before striding off into another 365 days.

Looking back on last year, it was a year of two halves, as they say in football. The first half was spent writing. The writing started, a bit like a old-fashioned steam train. Wheels turned effortfully at first, painfully slowly. Then somewhere along the line, I built up a head of steam, and speeded a little bit giddily along the tracks. Nothing could stop me.

In the second half of the year, we had a bereavement in the family. The writing seemed to stop, almost overnight. I had no words. From being close to reaching my target number for a book, the linguistic part of my brain refused to co-operate. It stuck stubbornly, a stick-in-the-mud, so I had to walk away from it in July and find another playmate.

I found one pretty much straight away.  I linked up with images. Images were plentiful. The last six months have been about art on a daily basis: photographs, drawings and paintings (some of which you can see on my other blog A Creative Place to Be – link below right in the blogroll section).

So now I’m hoping that I can start to bring the two passions together. My plan is to re-visit what I wrote last year, smooth it into some kind of shape and start to add some illustrations. Maybe the project will benefit from the pause. Maybe the time away will have let the words rise a little, like a loaf resting before you pop it into the hot oven.

What creative projects do you have lined up for 2011? Brand new, or like mine, revisited? Enjoy, whichever it turns out to be.

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