I see what you mean


In the short (6 minute) TED talk I’ve included below, Tom Wujec talks about how the brain sees in order to make meaning.

Anyone who does presentations, holds team meetings or needs to tackle problem solving (so that would be all of us then) might find this interesting. I am on a one-woman mission to rid the world of PowerPoint slides featuring text, text and more text. (Usually in a tiny point size chosen especially so you have no chance of seeing it from the back of the room.)

Shared understanding to which everyone has contributed is critical to creative problem solving. It doesn’t go amiss in any communication. One guy I was coaching was an IT guru who generally conversed in code. I asked him to draw the issue he wanted to discuss. It couldn’t have been clearer: two mountains, one already conquered with the customer, the other ascent just beginning and the support team running off in all different directions. Just seeing it on paper was enough to kick start his brain into exploring possible ways forwards (and upwards).

If you’re feeling stuck and can’t see the way forward, try drawing the problem.

And if you have time, try graphic facilitator Sunni Brown’s 5 minute explanation too http://tinyurl.com/39br3hg (no relation).


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