Analysis vs Action


“Analysis as an instrument of enlightenment and civilisation is good, in so far as it shatters absurd convictions, acts as a solvent upon natural prejudices, and undermines authority; good, in other words, in that it sets free, refines, humanizes, makes slaves ripe for freedom. But it is very bad, very bad, in so far as it stands in the way of action, cannot shape the vital forces, maims life at its roots. Analysis can be a very unappetizing affair, as much so as death, with which it may well belong – allied to the grave and its unsavoury anatomy.” Thomas Mann, The Magic Mountain.

Creative people take note. You can analyse and research and plan until the end of your life, breaking ideas apart. It’s the putting together and taking action that matters.

What will you create today? What action will you move you one step closer to who you are? Let me know what action (huge or tiny) will make all the difference – I’d love to hear. (Mine will be to disconnect from the Internet and write/illustrate more of the e-book.)


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