New term


Yesterday we discovered two wasps’ nests at the front of the house. I called the ‘exterminator’ swiftly, as two members of the household react alarmingly to stings (swelling up like Augustus Gloop in ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’). This morning the heroic wasp man came first thing and after a frenzy of activity (the wasps’, not his) all seems to be going very quiet on the western front. The odd intoxicated junior emerges for a brief sway round the garden, but retreats fairly quickly for a lie down when the trees start spinning.

Dopey wasps and this kind of end of summer weather remind me that it’s time for the new term to begin. I love this time of year. Although my kids are not going back to school, I waved one of them goodbye for a few months this morning (off to spend some time in Europe). I have my space back again, and suddenly I am buzzing (sorry wasps) with ideas. Metaphorically speaking, I am sharpening the pencils ready for a whole new term. For me, this is always a season of new beginnings. Much more so than the traditional New Year’s promises.

My office space is clear of clutter and organised, old papers thrown out and my filing is done (you have no idea how much I hate admin) and I can’t wait to get started on a number of new projects. (In terms of personality, creative types just LOVE new stuff: we’re not so keen on seeing everything through to the finish line though.)

So how about you? Sad to see the summer end, or fired up like me for your new autumn/winter projects? Which is the time of year that’s most creative for you?


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