Creativity v Fear


I am in awe of the work of illustrator, Claire Scully. Her ‘Bejewelled’ drawings are evidently a labour of love. (See more at


I draw your attention (see what I did there?) to her work to illustrate (ahem) a point. If you’ve ever sat down to do some creative work, only to have the feeling of “Why do I bother?” descend on you like your very own personal black cloud, then look at these lovely drawings. I wonder how many hours of painstaking effort went into creating these pieces? I am very pleased that she fought off those Why-do-I-bother demons and finished the work.

With creativity of any kind, the fear will always be there; the fear that the result will be no good, that you’re wasting your time. Turn down the volume on that fear and just keep doing, line after line after line until whatever it is you’re creating is finished. And then? Start again, before the fear gets louder.


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