Arugamama time


Arugamama, I learnt today, is the Japanese virtue of abiding with things as they are. Put simply, it means facing facts. Arugamama is the ability to confront certain realities. In my case, the reality that has become apparent is that, no matter how much I procrastinate and avoid doing the routine paperwork of running a business, at some point, it has to be done. When I put it off for ever and a day, or until the accountant jumps up and down, then I have to scramble to put everything in order in a hurry. The result? I enjoy the task even less.

So, learning from Patricia Ryan Madson’s beautifully written little book, Improv Wisdom, this weekend is dedicated to facing facts. 

“Wishing things were different (or that I was different) simply wastes time.”

And for me, that means owning up to the fact that I consider filing, recording, organising very dull, and have much more interesting and creative things to do. However, admin is a necessary evil and if I can box it into the tiniest little corner available, I will reduce its impact on getting on with much more meaningful work. (Organised and tidy people out there, I know this is a dagger to your hearts. I apologise.)

It is going to be fun. Colourful files and folders and neat lettering on labels. My favourite music full blast. A plentiful supply of tea. I shall release my inner administrator and feed the recycling bag until it cries out for mercy. I will create a system that is simple to maintain and that I enjoy using.

Do you have any brilliant ideas for getting organised (and staying that way)? Please share them here.  I need to hear them. Fast.


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