Creativity prompt


A coaching session got cancelled unexpectedly a couple of days ago, when the client’s train was delayed. As I’d already arrived in Manchester, rather than get straight back on a train home, I decided to take a quick look round Manchester Art Gallery – one of my favourite places in the city.

Just getting ready to head back to the station, I popped into the shop there and came across a book of illustrations put together with a foreword by Quentin Blake. Powerless to resist in the face of lovely drawings, I bought it. (The book is called What are you like? Self-revealing artworks by people in the public eye and is available from

The theme was originally a Victorian parlour game, where players were asked to describe themselves by doing a series of drawings of their favourite things. The book’s 45 contributors were given the same task, and came up with wildly different choices and styles. I thought I’d use the exercise as a starting point for my own drawing, and share the idea so you can do the same.

You can add whatever categories you like to the ones suggested in the book: pastime, food, animal book, comfort, clothes, shoes, possession, music, transport, place and aversion.

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