I don’t like Mondays


So sang Sir Bob and The Boomtown Rats back in 1979 and it’s definitely the case if you’re stuck in a job you hate. Did you know that the most CVs get uploaded to the various jobsites on a Sunday evening? The thought of another dreary week cooped up from nine to five (or longer) starts to depress you when you wake up on Sunday morning and stays like a small black cloud drizzling rain on your personal parade all day long.

Is it time to make a move?

[This is the cue for the ‘Yes buts …’ to kick in.]

Yes, but it pays the bills.

Yes, but I don’t know what else I can do.

Yes, but there’s a recession on.

All may be true. But they don’t mean you are locked in to your current way of working. It is time to get a little bit creative in your thinking, and plot your Great Escape. Yes it will demand some time and effort, but at least your brain will be engaged in some positive and exciting planning rather than slip sliding away into grey mush.

The trick is to get inspired. To dream. To create a way to achieve the dream. Maybe in baby steps, but aiming for forward motion rather than sitting in your particular muddy rut with your wheels spinning and the engine dying.

How? The first thing is to set aside some time to think (alone or with a coach). Getting clear about what you want and don’t want in your life is a hugely important milestone. Getting clear about what money actually buys you is another. A four-year study shows that money can buy us happiness, if it buys us experiences we love. (Jing Yang Zhong and Vince-Wayne Mitchell, Journal of Consumer Psychology, April 2010.) Things per se don’t do much for the spirit level. But if the things enable us to create experiences we enjoy, that’s a different matter. My camera, my paints, my notebooks and my PC to let me write and edit – those things let me be creative. Living by the sea is an experience money will buy me. Writing, coaching and training is the work I love to do to earn those experiences.

What experiences does or will money buy you? I’d suggest that it’s worth creating work you love around those experiences, rather than the gadgets or handbags to cheer yourself up at the end of another dismal week.

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