Turning the small voice into a loud one


Here’s an experiment to try. (One which you can ignore, but if you do, you lose.)

Now that you’re here, can you stop all the busy-ness of your day for just five minutes? (One to read this, the remaining four to listen.)

Just let go of all the tasks on your to-do list for these five minutes and see if you can silence all the chatter in your mind. (I didn’t say it would be an easy experiment.) Then ask yourself this question:

If I listen to the small voice inside that would love to be heard, what is it telling me?

(If you are hearing several small voices, you may need some help … but you get the idea.) Usually people find that they get the message loud and clear. Once they stop ignoring that message, and start working out how to make the message a priority, then a plan begins to emerge out of the fog. Intuition is a powerful thing.

If you’re already up and running, then you’ve had a five-minute break. If you’ve been looking for some clarity as to the next step, you might just have found it.


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