Showing up


Woody Allen is quoted as saying, “80% of success is just showing up.”

In a way he’s right. In another way he’s wrong.

Showing up – getting to the audition, posting the CV, picking up the phone, writing a page of your book, doing a daily drawing – whatever your goal might be, showing up and taking action on a daily basis definitely has the edge over dropping out of the race at the sound of the gun going off.

A Scottish manager I once worked for had a great phrase when closing his sales team meetings. (You’ll have to do the accent.) “You may wish to expose yourselves to the risk of success.” Getting out there and doing what you do is definitely moving yourself closer to whatever it is you want to achieve.

However, merely showing up is not enough. I have to agree with Scott Ginsberg in a recent blog post he made (link below). It’s all about taking the risk that my Scots manager alluded to. It’s about excelling at what you do, not just settling for average. In a world where everyone is shouting, I think you can be quietly effective by doing what you do 110%. Consistently. Daily. Uniquely.

Showing up is definitely a good move. Risking excellence is better.


4 thoughts on “Showing up

  1. Maria Varallo

    Lovely piece Sue, succinct and oh so true. Reminds me of Nick Williams talks about showing up but as you say it’s not enough to just show up.

    I love the quote “You may wish to expose yourselves to the risk of success.” Brilliant words to say at the end of a meeting, I may use them myself now – thank you!

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