Get on with it


I was casting around for inspiration for the blog this morning on my (crammed) bookshelves. I found it in Gordon MacKenzie’s quirkily titled book, ‘Orbiting the Giant Hairball’.

MacKenzie worked at Hallmark Cards for 30 years. The book is about escaping the ‘hairball’ of corporate rules and policies, procedures and systems which were put in place for very good reasons once upon a time, but have long since outlived their usefulness. Instead, the hairball just gets in the way of creativity and slowly extinguishes everyone’s spirit.

The final lines of the book (which is full of MacKenzie’s wild drawings and scribbles) go like this:

“If you go to your grave without painting your masterpiece, it will not get painted. No one else can paint it. Only you.”

Tally ho.


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