I went to an small exhibition yesterday at the Royal Exchange in Manchester with The Daughter. There wasn’t a lot to see of what we had gone to see, but just before we left, we spotted an interesting looking area devoted to art in education. In January, there had been ‘Making an exhibition of ourselves (at home)’, and this was a small selection of contributions from local schools and the community.

One of the displays showed a collection of messages in bottles. People had been asked to write the message or letter they’d never sent to someone. The most intriguing (which I’ve been desperately trying and failing to convert into a six word story) was “I hope there is no heaven. I might meet my parents.” What would you write?

Another display was ‘Suitcase lives’. People had been asked to write on cards what they would take with them on their travels. Some were practical answers (hairdryer etc), some very moving (one man wanted to take a blouse belonging to his wife to remind him of her scent, and recordings he’d made of his young children reciting nursery rhymes). What would you take?


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