The Son has returned from his six-month stay in Switzerland. It is great to have him back, but I’m having to fight the temptation to nag about revising for exams which are galloping towards him in May. In turn, he is having to fight the many and various temptations of sport, the TV, Facebook, the Playstation, a social life etc.

I was interested to hear of a joint project between psychologists from the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and the Cambridge Wellbeing Institute to roll out mindfulness training in several schools. Year 10 pupils (aged 15-16) were the first to trial the practical application of these principles at Tonbridge School in Kent. The aim is to teach teenagers the skills of attention and concentration. Such mindfulness may have wider benefits later in life in helping to manage stress and build resilience. Now the programme is being introduced into other schools. To find out more go to or Oxford Mindfulness Centre: at

I shall be following this research with interest – what a great idea to counterbalance the flashing, perpetual motion of all the various screens in kids’ lives with a little silence and stillness.


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