Better safe than sorry?


I wrote a post a couple of days ago about my favourite distraction when I’m supposed to be doing something important. I seem to develop a magnetic attraction to the PC  and its alluring, time-wasting properties (see ‘Step away from the PC’). I was relieved to hear that others share this resistance to taking action on important stuff.

Influential thinker, Seth Godin writes in his blog today about this powerful phenomenon.

I like the idea that the ‘lizard’ brain, the primitive drive to survive is at the root of what holds us back from taking new and creative steps. This is the protective voice that keeps us safe. ‘Be careful. Don’t do anything risky’ is its mantra. However, the evolved bit of the brain needs to be heard too. The bit that has grown beyond simply surviving the world to create incredible technology, stunning works of art, great organisations, almost-too-beautiful-to-listen-to music and other brilliant ideas. If we don’t occasionally override the lizard brain, we’d never transcend survival mode. And what a sorry waste that would be.

Time to get brave and make some changes? What are you resisting? How does that resistance benefit you? Maybe it keeps you safe (and small)?


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