Tonight, Matthew, I’m going to be …


I went to a fancy dress party last night to celebrate our friends’ wedding anniversary. The theme was 1980s. As I looked around at the large gathering of many highly skilled and professional people, it occurred to me that here was a psychologist’s dream! I wondered if people’s choice of costume or character showed a facet of their personality which doesn’t usually get expressed in everyday life? Was The Incredible Hulk showing his aggression? Was Adam Ant making up for a lack of flamboyance in his day-to-day routine? Was the  androgynous ‘suited and booted’ Annie Lennox on some kind of a power trip? Did Freddie Mercury really want to break free?

If you were going to such a party, 80s or otherwise, who would you go as? Does your choice give you a clue as to what you’re not saying or doing in your life? How could you get whatever that missing piece is (without dressing up …)?

Just off to wash the orange hair colour out …


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