Step away from the PC


I’ve just taken part in a ‘procrastination busting’  day (see earlier post on ‘Leaving procrastination station). Along with the facilitator, four others who have been dragging their heels on certain tasks, committed to achieving certain goals by 1.00 pm and 4.00 pm.

And in the time between calls, we all made enormous progress on our respective tasks. An incredibly productive day, which certainly wouldn’t have been the case if we’d all worked solo. I completed visual coaching notes for a client (a kind of mindmap of our session) and the design for a flyer for a workshop on creative coaching.

What did I learn from the exercise?

Firstly how much easier it is when I know other people are in the same boat. Secondly, how much I can achieve when I focus on one thing instead of way too many. Thirdly, how useful it is to work without the PC on. I hadn’t realised how many times my attention is pulled away from what I’m working on by the appealing ding of a distraction landing in my inbox. Useful day.


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