I can’t remember ever winning a prize draw in my life. Until last night. I attended a local coaching association’s event for the first time and on arrival, was invited to put my business card in for the prize of a book. Too tempting for an avid reader like myself. At the end of the evening, I won.

The book is on diversity in coaching, and I just skimmed through and found a great chapter on coaching women in organisations (by Kate Ludeman), something I do rather a lot of. One of the most interesting sections is about knowing what you can and cannot control and taking responsibility. Often working  as part of a female minority in large organisations in the 1980s and 1990s, I wish I had known about those ideas then. I wasted an awful lot of time feeling angry and resentful at some inequities. Realising that you always have a choice about the feelings that you choose to feel and the ways that you act would have been much more productive.

If you find yourself in a similar boat, ask yourself how you can choose ease and confidence instead, and still achieve the outcome that you want.

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