Leaving procrastination station …


As you may have heard on the news, today is the day of the year we’re most likely to get the blues. Cliff Arnall at Cardiff University has done the maths and calculated that it’s about now that the combined effects of Christmas debt, the weather and failing to maintain our New Year’s resolutions hit us hard. (Just to cheer you up a little, the happiest day for us is supposed to be June 18th – certainly a date for the diary.)

If you have succumbed to an attack of the miseries, one of the hardest things can be to raise the level of motivation sufficiently high to tackle those tasks that linger on, and on, and on … you know the ones? The tax return, the mountain of ironing, sorting out the wardrobe full of things you’ll never wear again (or is this just my list?).

Help is at hand. A coaching friend of mine is running a Procrastination Buster Day this Saturday. The format is simple: you check in by ‘phone along with the other participants and commit to whatever task you’ve been putting off. You go away and do that task and check in again with the group at lunchtime to report progress. More doing and then a final check-in. This remarkably simple idea is astonishingly effective. By publicly committing to finally do the blessed thing you’ve been so expertly avoiding, it would be a tad embarrassing to admit defeat by the end of the day. Find out more at http://www.annabelsutton.com/procrastination-busting.html


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