Write away


I met up with three friends today for a long overdue catch up. The last time we all got together was four years ago, we realised. But, you know how it is with good friends; you just pick up where you left off.

The best thing about the meeting was the ability to be totally honest. Yes, there are things that have gone really well for each of us in the time since we last met. But there have also been things that were difficult to handle, some decisions we’ve regretted and the odd set of circumstances that made us feel a bit lost. These friends are also professional coaches and a counsellor. So we also ask each other some pretty incisive questions. I had a taste of my own medicine today and two of us recognised that we had been procrastinating about writing. We have both talked about writing a book (her second, my first) for far too long, and actually not come up with the goods.

We committed to coaching each other through the new year to write an e-book apiece. Suddenly, the project feels do-able, knowing that someone else will be monitoring progress and holding me to account.

Coaches need coaching too. (Especially ones who write.)


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