Finding square holes


This is the title of a great book on finding the right career by Anita Houghton. I really like her funny and down to earth style, and the fact that she writes from the perspective of someone who originally trained as a GP and is familiar with that ‘square peg’ feeling.

Houghton also knows a thing or two about the costs of working in a job you hate. As a GP, she understands the effects of stress on the body. I liked her final lines in the book:

“The ideas and techniques in this book are tried and tested ways of helping people to get off the treadmill for a while and to think:  what is really important in my working life, and how can I ensure that it is full of those things? This may seem a rather self-centred approach, but the truth is that when people are happy, they bring that sense of wellbeing to their work, their play and their relationships. And when that happens, everyone benefits.”

Hear, hear.


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