Order, order


The time has come for some serious decluttering. Normally the first in the queue for recycling what I no longer need, I have held on to a lot of paperwork over the last year spent studying full-time. The ‘just in case’ syndrome set in, especially while writing the dissertation. Now I know that I’ve passed, I’m looking at an impressive and wobbly tower of books, articles and notes that have accumulated and need to be sorted and stashed away in files.

The problem is that once I get started, I can’t stop. It would be most effective to tackle one room at a time and finish it. However, everywhere I look this morning I see more candidates for the charity shop and recycling bins. At this rate, The Husband will arrive home to find the place stripped bare and we will be living in monastic fashion over Christmas. The thought is oddly appealing.

This passion for decluttering emerges every few months for me. I take it as a good sign that I’ve finished with a particular project or phase and it’s time to take stock, move on and create some space for new ideas and interests to come in and take a seat. Karen Kingston’s little book on clearing the clutter, (whether or not you believe in the Feng Shui angle she takes) is always inspiring. Both a physical and an emotional build up of ‘stuff’ can sap personal energy. She does frighten me a bit with her personal rule that if she were to move house tomorrow and would fill more than two bags with rubbish, then it’s time to declutter. Hmmm … not sure I can match that. However, ‘watch this space’ has never been more appropriate.


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