Leap, Frog


frogI read an article this morning featuring an interview with Sir Clive Woodward, Director of Olympic Performance of the British Olympic Association.

At one point, Sir Clive turns the tables and asks his interviewers a question. There are five frogs sitting on a log. Three decide to jump off, how many are left?

You might think the answer is two. Woodward begs to differ.

“The answer is five. They thought about it, decided about it, but then they haven’t actually jumped off. Once you decide to do something, you do it.”

Picasso agrees. “Action is the foundational key to all success.” Likewise Julia Cameron, especially when dealing with criticism. “Get back on the horse,” she advises, “Creativity is the only cure for criticism.”

 Are you still sitting there? Or have you made the leap? Happy landings.


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