Once upon a time


Following on from a recent post about storytelling, I find today that a laureate for storytelling is to be appointed in Britain, Taffy Thomas from Lancashire. See the full story at http://news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/today/newsid_8337000/8337496.stm

I love to have a story read aloud to me (yes still at my venerable age) and have often bought books as a result of hearing them on Radio 4 while driving somewhere. The IPlayer on the Beeb’s website is a dream come true for me, and if I have a boring job to do (I’m thinking ironing, daily exercise stint, cleaning etc), then I now have a great excuse to find a story or drama to listen to as I work. The Daughter seems to have inherited this listening gene from being tiny, and is now as an adult, enjoying my cassettes (remember those?) of Garrison Keillor’s short stories and Alan Bennett’s monologues.

If you have time to watch, the storyteller laureate, Taffy Thomas, gives a masterclass in his art (follow the link above). I loved the recipe for a successful story as a mixture of rich vocabulary and a strong visual elements, the story as pictures. Add in a familiar phrase which kids latch onto (known as a ‘run’ apparently) to provide structure and mark progression, and Bob’s your uncle. What a great combination of what have come to be labelled as ‘right’ and ‘left’ brain activities in being creative.

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