101 cappuccinos


Spotted this article in yesterday’s Guardian online http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2009/oct/24/graduate-careers-contact-sport and it underlined the message that John Lees gave last week in his coaching masterclass: the key to accessing the career you want is to network, network, network.

For those like me who find the word ‘networking’ brings up images of overcrowded rooms with eager people thrusting  business cards into my hand and talking at me for 5 minutes without pausing for breath, this can seem a daunting prospect.

However, replace the word ‘network’ with ‘talk with’ and the idea becomes a lot more appealing. If the goal is to find out information (rather than secure a job contract on the spot) then thinking of just three people who might be helpful in moving your search forward has got to be worthwhile.

As a fellow career coach put it, we can think of networking as “101 cappuccinos”. Much better.


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