Believing mirrors


I listened in to a conference call with Julia Cameron, author of ‘The Artist’s Way’, yesterday evening, courtesy of publishing coach, Julia McCutcheon It was good to hear the voice of someone whose book has been such a favourite of mine over many years. Julia Cameron introduced me to the idea of writing ‘morning pages’, a way of getting stream of consciousness thoughts longhand onto three pages each morning. This daily practice has become such an ingrained habit for me now that I feel quite adrift if I don’t write, like going out of the house still in my dressing gown or without brushing my teeth. Which I don’t do, by the way. Except to occasionally frighten the bin men. It was a comfort to discover that Ms C. is someone who speaks exactly as she writes, or vice versa.

One of the ideas she discussed during the ‘phone call (the first one I’ve taken part in, feeling vaguely stalkerish listening in to the conversation) was the importance of surrounding yourself with ‘believing mirrors’. These are the people who are your cheerleaders, the ones who keep you going with unshakeable confidence when you lose all faith in your creative endeavours and feel like giving up on a project. The believing mirrors do not share your doubt and reflect back to you the original passion you had for the plan.

I think as a coach, I act as a believing mirror to my clients, providing faith in the outcome while they wrestle with the challenges of  a radical career change, a new venture, a commitment to be more creative.

The postman just delivered a thoughtful card from one of my own believing mirrors. Good timing. Don’t forget to identify your own BMs and thank them heartily. You know who they are.


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