autumn leavesNow that my studies are finally over, I am rediscovering my passions B.C. (Before Course). I am supposed to be sorting out my office today, but keep getting distracted by things that I’m finding among the heaps of paper. I caught sight of my camera sitting on its shelf looking neglected and sorry for itself. The sun was out, so after a frustrating wait for the battery to charge up, I discovered the garden, close up. I bought a macro lens specifically to look at the world in detail. I have had a brilliant morning looking for possible subjects, and finding more leaves, berries, bits of interesting tree bark, mushrooms and leaves than you can shake a stick at. The garden yesterday looked distinctly ‘driech’ in the grey grizzle. Today, with a bit of sunshine and a much smaller view through the lens, it looks like there’ll be enough to keep me busy for months.


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