Tablet for book addicts


I notice that Amazon’s new Kindle e-book reader sold out almost instantly following its launch earlier in the week.  The paperback-sized device enables readers to download a personal library of books, magazines, newspapers and blogs to read on the daily commute.  Critics have complained that the tablet is overpriced and charges for web material which is currently free via a PC, but hey, this is the price that early adopters will surely be willing to pay.

As the person who single-handedly seems to keep amazon in business in the UK, I think it sounds like a fabulous idea.  However, looking around my office at a book collection that has cost me a veritable king’s ransom over the years, I would definitely miss the real deal.  The joy at being handed a cardboard treasure trove by the postman is something that can’t be replaced.  The pristine cover, the unthumbed pages, the smell of the paper are delights I would be sorry to lose.  And most of all, finding the comfiest chair in the sunniest corner and beginning a new story that I like to imagine began in someone’s handwriting on a blank piece of paper, is one of life’s little pleasures.

I’ll be waiting a while for the tablet to take effect.


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