The Daughter bought me a great present for a recent birthday – a fill-in journal with quirky drawings made up of lists of every kind.  The gift was apt:  I am known in the family for making endless lists of things I have to/want to do.  I find lists comforting.  They create the illusion that I have life under control.  If it’s written down, I can’t forget it … or so my theory goes.

This journal is for a different purpose, however.  The creators Lisa Nola and Nathanial Russell (, designed the book to help you build an autobiography in lists for your loved ones to read (so much easier than settling down to write 80,000 words for a book). 

One of my favourite pages is entitled ‘List the best days of your life’.  Since I read it a couple of days ago, the intriguing question has been swishing around my brain.  My list is still under construction, but the exercise has brought back lots of happy and funny memories.  Apologies if I have just hi-jacked your head for the next week by sharing the idea, but I think it’s a great one.


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