Who do you think you are?


I have an assignment coming up for the course I’m doing which involves carrying out a 5 minute interview with someone on any subject.  The objective is to have some text to analyse.  As The Daughter is home from university, I have volunteered her to be my interviewee tomorrow. 

All day, I have been searching for the question to get her talking.  It came to me about an hour ago.  I am enormously interested in the whole question of personal identity (have a look at my website www.theidentitycoach.co.uk).  I am fascinated by the way we construct a ‘story’ to convey who we believe ourselves to be to other people.  So I thought you might like to try the question I shall ask The Daughter tomorrow:  If you were a writer introducing your character in a novel, how would you describe yourself? 

Jot down your response (or better still get a friend to ask the question and record your thoughts) and then take a close look at the language you use, the metaphors you might habitually employ, and discover the stories you tell yourself and other people.  I’m a firm believer in the idea that we (individuals and organisations) construct our identity through our conversations.  Do you like the story or is it time to change it?


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