Parent’s evening?


After a pleasant day spent frittering away time catching up with myself and with The Daughter, I had to attend a parents’ evening at The Son’s school.  As The Son had forgotten to bring along his list of appointment times, we had to weave our way through the gym, pouncing on any of his teachers who happened to be enjoying a breather between parental visits.

The Son is fast approaching various coursework deadlines and exams.  His teachers wryly commented on his laid back attitude, and each one in turn told me in no uncertain terms that now was the time to get organised, create a structured approach to revision, to do as many practice papers as possible and use the time available wisely in order to walk into the exam room feeling confident and well-prepared.  I found myself nodding sagely.  As we moved from table to table, I realised that I needed the advice as much as The Son.  I too have deadlines to meet and exams to sit all too soon.  My office is currently as disorganised (well, almost) as The Son’s room.  Sitting on a low bench, looking up at the climbing frames so dreaded in my own schooldays, I travelled back in time to when I was 17.  Parents’ evenings then held no fear for me – I was up to speed, organised and motivated.  I realised that my energy levels have dipped and I need to find some reserves to tide me over the next few weeks.

Last night, the energy got a boost, albeit indirectly.  The complete faith those teachers have in The Son to achieve exactly what he wants to achieve and the lengths they will go to in order to support him.  Those were priceless lessons to learn.


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