New lenses


Having pressed the Pause button on my life for the last three weeks (felled by a combination of illness and a whole heap of deadlines to meet) it is nice to finally hit Play again.

Having battled with my gremlins in an assignment on statistics and emerged scarred but (hopefully) victorious, I feel like the weight of the world has lifted off my shoulders.  Severely number phobic, just getting myself in front of the computer each day was a major event.  So, handing in the resulting armful of paper yesterday, for better or for worse, felt very, very good.  In addition, Spring, having decided to arrive suddenly in the last few days, makes it look like everything has had a new coat of paint on a theme of green and yellow.

Any excuse to celebrate, I was treated to dinner out with my family.  Having had my head down, somewhat grumpily I confess, in books, paper and computer programs for what seems like forever, it was nice to look up and look at my long-suffering spouse and children.  It was like the first time when you walk out of the opticians with your first pair of glasses or contact lenses.  I couldn’t stop marvelling at how sharply their faces were in focus and how funny they are and how supportive of my being a student at my somewhat biblical age.  I must remember to look up more often.


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