A picture paints a thousand words


A creative writing exercise you might like to try out.  It’s one I used to write the blog piece a couple of days ago (A Little Fiction).  Flick through some old magazines or newspapers and cut or tear out any images that appeal to you, for whatever reason.  It might be that you just like the colour, or it’s a striking image.  When you’ve collected ten or more, pick out just one and start to write a story based on the picture.  When you’ve got the first couple of lines, pick another image at random and carry on the story using that as your inspiration.  Each new object or scene or person you choose forces your brain to make some new and creative connections.  I’ve found it a great exercise for those days when you just don’t know how to begin.


2 thoughts on “A picture paints a thousand words

  1. Sometimes I’ll take the camera out and take some semi-random shots and use them. Maybe my subconscious chooses some pleasing images to shoot? Maybe not..
    Still, good advice.

    • idcoach

      Thanks for that idea. It sounds similar to a coaching style I’ve used called Derive, where you walk outdoors with the client and ask them what they notice. Often what they choose is a kind of metaphor for how they are feeling. One client noticed a pool of stagnant water – exactly how her life felt at that time.

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