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I watched the film ‘Edward Scissorhands’ last night for the first time and loved it.  Watching it reminded me of an idea suggested by writer Julia Cameron in her book, ‘The Vein of Gold’.  She suggests that you make a list of your favourite films, TV shows or even news stories that catch your attention, and try to identify a common theme that runs through them all.  It’s an interesting exercise.  I’ve been thinking about my own list for a while, and watching Scissorhands, the penny finally dropped.  The recurring themes that come up for me are transformation (think Pretty Woman, The Devil wears Prada, Cinderella, The Ugly Duckling, Kafka’s ‘Metamorphosis’, Monique Roffey’s ‘Sun Dog’, Ten Years Younger, Trinny & Susannah) and prejudice – having to re-think your view of someone (Romeo & Juliet, Jane Austen’s ‘Pride & Prejudice’, Bend it like Beckham, You’ve Got Mail, and Edward Scissorhands).

So my themes are all about change and the possibility of change.  Which is why I am drawn to the work I do, I guess.  Some years ago, I worked as an image consultant and saw for myself the amazing effect that even the tiniest changes could bring to a person’s confidence and self-esteem.  Now as a coach in organisations, I see what happens when people challenge some long-standing beliefs about themselves or ‘the way things are’.  Such beliefs or prejudices may have held them and their organisation back for years.  As a writer too, my writing provides me with endless possibilities, alternative endings, choices and decisions.  So the three areas of my work, coaching, teaching and writing, all satisfy that need for facilitating change at different levels.

What is your theme?  What is the thread that runs through your favourite films, books or TV shows?  I’d love to know.

2 thoughts on “Favourite films

  1. What a great thought. I like your list of films and funnily enough Edward Scissorhands is one I haven’t seen for years and I want to see it again because I think I’ll view it differently now.

    I’m writing because I have a theme also – when someone acts with integrity and honour and love for country or family or freedom and equality and stands up for it against oppressions and exploitation and against all the odds (and wins preferably – in the ones with happy endings – but not always). It actually doesn;t matter how bad the film is – I even found myself getting tearful when Bruce Willis sacrifices himself for humanity by blowing himself up on a asteroid at the end of Armageddon!! It always get to me and interestingly (which I hadn;t thought of before) it also relates to why I do what I do, so thank you for that. Phil.

  2. idcoach

    It makes you think, doesn’t it? I am getting back into the idea of actually going to the cinema instead of waiting for films to come around on the TV. Planning to see Rachel Getting Married soon as it sounds like train-crash viewing … now what does that say about me??

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