Blooming late


As a late bloomer myself (I got my psychology degree at the tender age of 48), my eye was caught by a great article by Anne Karpf in Good Housekeeping magazine on late developers and success in later life.  Did you know that Einstein couldn’t read until he was 10?  Or that actress Liz Smith (of the Royle Family) only turned professional at 50?

My new best friend is neurologist, George Bartzokis, who is quoted in the article:  “In midlife, you’re beginning to use the entirety of the information in your brain on an everyday, ongoing, second-to-second basis … You may not have the same amount of information that you had when you were 20, but you’re able to use it better in everyday life … Biologically, that’s what wisdom is.”

I think that the ability to make connections between bits of information from different spheres is also the basis for creativity and innovation.  It’s precisely what artists and writers do all the time, and it should be what organisations strive for in today’s economy.

Respect for your elders please.


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