Bah humbug


Is it just me, or is anyone else relieved to find themselves in a brand new year?  I seem to be turning into a grinch. 

 The build-up to Christmas, admittedly magnified this year for me by the glowering presence of exams, is a source of stress and irritation rather than comfort and joy.  Now it’s all done and dusted, I can’t wait to take down all the decorations and cards and get back to normality.  I have a yearning for simplicity and order, for white walls and wooden tables, for a monastery-like emptiness and calm after the jangling jolliness of a commercial Christmas. 

Perhaps next year I will make my wish come true to spend Christmas Day in a house by the sea.  I would love to walk for miles with my family on a beach (whatever the weather) and then be joined by friends for a relaxed dinner.  Not a TV Christmas  special in sight.

And lo!  I think I’ve just made a New Year’s resolution.


One thought on “Bah humbug

  1. Suggest trying Fuerteventura for Xmas as we did this year.. Walked by the beach after our Xmas lunch which didn’t have to think about, shop for, cook, clear up. Perfect!

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