Round robins


One of my pet hates is the annual ’round robin’ letters sent by acquaintances with their Christmas cards.  We used to have a neighbour who moved away many years ago, who continues to send a shiny version of her family’s life over the past year.  It is always hilarious, especially over the last few years as her children have turned into sullen teenagers, and the list of ‘achievements’ has gone from a veritable till roll of exam successes and sporting glories to a single line statement that ‘Tarquin’ and ‘Joanna’ are basically alive.

A friend of mine, who is also on the receiving end of these missives, reminded me this morning that the eagerly awaited envelope should shortly be landing on our respective doormats.  We are inspired to create our own versions to email to one another.  I think this idea has tremendous potential and may even become an annual event.  Who knows, the results may even be as funny as the real one.


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