A true story


As usual, I travelled into university this morning on the train.  About 15 minutes into the journey, we stopped in the middle of nowhere (always a bit unnerving).  After 5 minutes or so, the guard announced that we couldn’t continue on our journey as someone was attempting to commit suicide by climbing up onto the overhead wires just before the next station.  Obviously, the power had now been switched off, so we weren’t going anywhere.  After about half an hour, the guard told us that the man had been persuaded to come down, but was now running around on the tracks so we would have to go back a few stops and travel into the city via a different line.  The mood of my fellow passengers was not entirely celebratory.  The woman in front of me said in all seriousness, “Why on earth didn’t he do it off-peak?” 

I guess he might have had other things on his mind.


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