All work and no play


Well, you know the rest … I seem to have disappeared into deep space, the slightly unreal world of study.  My days are spent reading and reading and reading.  I am actually really enjoying this, but I am aware that there is a distinct lack of balance in my life.  My scales tell me that this sedentary lifestyle is not doing me much good, and my lack of conversation with my family of an evening is nudging me to make some changes.

So although there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day at the moment to tick all the required study boxes, I have to make room for some … oh what is the word?  Oh yes.  Fun.

I made a list this morning of things that would be fun to do, and I know that I have to schedule these into my diary like official appointments in order to ensure that they actually happen, and I don’t just override them in favour of exercising the brain cells.

I provide many, many coaching sessions in which we explore the subject of work/life balance.  It’s a case of ‘physician, heal thyself’ I think.


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