Things that make you angry


The Daughter was home at the weekend and told me about the art project she’s currently working on.  The idea is that she has to make a list of things that make her angry.  She then has to choose the one that particularly winds her up.  From that, she has to create a piece of artwork.  I guess the idea is that you feel an strong emotional response.

What would I choose?  Pardon me while I glide effortlessly into grumpy old woman mode and work from minor to major …

‘Press & twist’ safety caps on paracetamol containers that refuse to open when I have a splitting headache.

People who park their expensive cars on double yellow lines or anywhere else they’re not supposed to – do different rules apply to them?

People who don’t listen.  They have no receive mode, only transmit.

People who assume that their perspective is the only valid one and they are Right with a capital R.

The common thread?  Arrogance I suppose (apart from the non-opening paracetamol tub, of course).

Oddly, I don’t feel inspired to be creative after that exercise – just angry.  How about you?  What winds you up and could that negativity be used to fuel creativity?


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