Start from where you are


img_0689From my office window I can see the fiery colours of the cherry and ash trees in the garden.  The hawthorns are weighed down with berries, but the birds seem to be holding back until the crimson fruit reaches optimum ripeness.  At a secret signal known only to the avian fraternity, the blackbirds will descend and feast and gradually strip the branches bare, leaving me with only stark calligraphy to look at until spring.  The occasional squirrel cartoons itself across the lawn, stuttering in stops and starts.  A weak and watery sun lights the clouds.

I didn’t know what to write about this morning.  So I took Julia Cameron’s advice from her book “The Right to Write” and started by writing about what I could see.  I chose to look at the view outside, but looking at my messy office would have been just as useful (if a little less uplifting).

I like Cameron’s focus on the practical and the getting going.  It’s too easy to put off actually starting (see earlier posts on procrastination) with a headful of nonsense such as having be be ‘in the mood’ to write or the piece having to be ‘perfect’.  Just start writing and see where you end up.  When you look at what you’ve written tomorrow, there might just be a tiny snippet of something good in there.  And if there isn’t?  Write some more.


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