Fantastic dinner party


A huge issue of Vogue magazine walloped through my letterbox today – what a welcome wodge of escapism to relish as the credit crunch cramps everyone’s style.  One of the features is on fantasy dinner parties – who would you invite, where would you eat and drink, the dress code, and what would you talk about?

This set me thinking.

My guests would be the hugely talented Hugh Laurie, down-to-earth Julie Walters, stylish Katherine Hepburn, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, my best friend from school, Deb, Alan Bennett, Dylan Moran, novelists Mark Haddon, Garrison Keillor, Franz Kafka, Jane Austen (it would be rude not to invite her really), management gurus Charles Handy and Henry Mintzberg, pianist Keith Jarrett, and father of psychology, William James.

We’d eat outside in a great restaurant in San Francisco on a warm summer evening.  There would be someone playing a piano, and later there would be singing (of course).  The food?  For me, monkfish or roasted vegetables and polenta and crisp white wine.

What to wear?  White shirts and jeans (think how great the black and white photos on Facebook would be).

And who would I sit beside?  Difficult choice.  Hugh Laurie on one side, and Dylan Moran on the other I guess.  I do like to laugh, you see.

How about you?  Who would be sitting at your fantasy dinner table?


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