Thoroughly saturated


I decided to install a bit of software on my PC late yesterday evening.  I thought it would take about 5 minutes.  Almost an hour later, and I was ready to commit hari kari.  I decided to have another go this morning with a clearer head (not that much clearer actually, as I’d wound myself up to such a pitch that I didn’t get to sleep for hours).  Still no joy and most of the morning gone.

It suddenly dawned on me that I was experiencing exactly what I’m reading about right now.  In his book ‘Managing at the speed of change’, Daryl Conner talks about our capacity to absorb change .  He uses the analogy of a sponge only being able to absorb so much water.  Once the sponge is saturated, no matter how much extra water you pour onto it, it simply can’t absorb any more.  Conner argues that it’s the same for us.  We have a capacity for so many changes in our personal, work and global lives, but when we reach our individual limit (ie become saturated) we just can’t handle any further additional changes.

With all the changes (positive and negative) I’m absorbing in becoming a student again, I think I reached my particular saturation point around 11.00 pm yesterday.  Time to let all the new stuff sink in, I think.


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