Take a routine break


Here’s a challenge.  Just for today, try shifting from autopilot mode to full-on mindfulness.  Deliberately choose to break your usual routines.  Take a different route to work.  Drink something other than coffee.  Read a magazine or newspaper you would never normally read.  Listen to a radio station you’ve never listened to.  You may find that you learn something new you wouldn’t otherwise have learnt (even if it’s that you really don’t like Beethoven to start your day).

You might also start to question how you spend your time and energy.  And that might lead to thinking about activities which are really now redundant in your life or work, but which have become habitual, ‘the way I’ve always done things’.  Becoming aware of areas where you might be wasting time/money/effort is the first step towards shaking up the routine.  This exercise works on a personal, group and an organisational level.  Routines get embedded and taken for granted.  By paying attention to what we do in a conscious way, we can begin to challenge the status quo and make some positive changes.


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