What are your 5-a-day for mental wellbeing?


I came across this research via the British Psychological Society website and have just completed the survey – it only takes about 5 minutes.  The idea is to encourage people to take care of their mental wellbeing on a daily basis, just as they take care of their physical wellbeing.  By gathering up the collective wisdom of everyone who takes part, the survey might spark some creative ideas for everyone in looking after our mental health.  What a great idea.  Find out more and take the test at www.mindapples.org


One thought on “What are your 5-a-day for mental wellbeing?

  1. What a great little test. My approach now is to read positive quotes from my google tool bar that has quotes in it from The Secret – if you havent read this book, watched the DVD or listened to the CD’s then you really are missing out on life. Waking up with a positive viewpoint helps my day !! Turning challenges into opportunties and always aiming to help others as much as I can. I guess being a coach the last one comes with the job !!

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