New term


I am sitting at home, enjoying the perfect autumn sunshine.  This will be my last ‘free’ weekend for a while.  On Monday morning, I am going back to university for a year.  My daughter is starting her course on that day too.  So two generations learning in the same city at the same time.  Her 19th birthday is approaching fast.  My 50th isn’t too distant a speck on the horizon now.

The learning bug has bitten me well and truly.  I seem to have been studying now for years.  I suspect I will be studying for the rest of my life.

This investment in my career development marks a new phase in my working life.  For nearly two decades, I have worked around the kids, choosing to slide off the greasy pole of career progression in the corporate world into the (usually) more controllable waters of self employment.  Now I can focus fully on the world of work again.  Ironically, my husband is reaching the point where he’s contemplating slowing down.  He has achieved most of the work goals that he planned to achieve, whereas I am concocting all manner of futures.  This must be a feature of this phase of life for many couples, and one to be negotiated carefully, I find.  Wish us luck.


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