Quick fix therapy


Darian Leader wrote a stinging attack on what he called ‘quick fix therapy’ in the Guardian yesterday.  He was incensed by the drive to provide cognitive behavioural therapy as a ‘sticking plaster’ over deeper emotional problems.

Darian is a Freudian psychoanalyst whose entire approach to therapy is based on dealing with deep-rooted and complex issues over a period of months and years.

It ain’t necessarily so, in my humble opinion.  There are many ways to help people move forward in their lives.  Untangling the past may play its part, without doubt.  But providing people with an alternative way of thinking that is psychologically healthier and empowering is surely a positive step?  I suspect that Mr Leader may feel a little threatened at the prospect of witnessing his clients take independent action.

There are many different ways to help people through bad times.  I am wary of those who lay claim to knowing One True Way.


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